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Making a difference

The work we are doing together has already made a difference in the community - watch our video here to find out more.

Plus it is impacting positively on our healthcare system, with latest figures showing:

  • Reduced pressure on Urgent and Emergency Services: Improved communications, signposting and education have increased use of services such as 111, Crisis Team, Falls Clinic, Isle Help, Pharmacy First, Care Navigators and Local Area Coordinators. This has meant fewer inappropriate uses of Urgent and Emergency Services, thereby freeing them up for people with genuine emergencies and urgent care needs.
  • Reduced pressure on GPs: Increased use of other community based roles, eg the Island’s Local Area Coordinators and Care Navigators have enabled people to be more confident in taking control of their own health care. As a result their visits to GPs have reduced which, in turn, improves waiting times for others waiting to be seen.
  • Improved wellbeing of residents: Increased use of Care Navigators (who help people find the right services they need) has contributed to an improvement in people’s wellbeing scores to a much stronger level of 82%.
  • Fewer unnecessary hospital admissions: Increased use of the Crisis Response Team has reduced the number of hospital admissions of elderly and frail patients who were able to be treated in the community or in their homes (for example, between April 2015 to September 2016 only 11% were admitted to hospital).

For our residents and staff too, there have been improvements. Click on the links below to see real life examples of the positive impact already being seen in the community:

Find out how the team that handles ambulance 999, NHS 111, rehabilitation, district nursing, social care and warden assisted housing alarm calls has successfully worked together to ensure that those needing urgent care have the right treatment, by the right person at the right time, avoiding a large number of unnecessary hospital admissions

Find out how GPs and care home staff have worked together using telehealth to improve the care and management of those living with long-term conditions

Read about the difference that care navigators are making to people's lives in the community, helping them navigate the care system to bring together the support they need

Find out how the community helped to recruit their local area coordinators - a role geared to helping make a positive difference to people's lives, helping them find practical solutions to problems they are experiencing and connecting them with their local communities so they get the most out of the support and opportunities available

Find out about the training being delivered to help staff working across different organisations within the Island's health care system to break down barriers so they can work more effectively together

Read about how our workforce across the health and care system on the Island has been collaborating to develop a centre of excellence to ensure we have the training, skills and flexibility within our workforce to deliver the health and care services our community needs both now and in the future

Read about the difference The Footprint Trust is making to help people fight fuel poverty and to manage their energy and water bills

Read about how Age UK Isle of Wight has been working to find housing and care options support to help people who are vulnerable to get back on their feet.