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The Power of Partnerships

Isle of Wight NHS Trust is the only organisation in the NHS that provides acute, ambulance, community and mental health and learning disabilities services.

We are also the only Trust on an island that provides 24/7 maternity and emergency care services.

Partnerships have been crucial in improving our services.

The last year (2022-2023) has again proved the power of partnership working.

Whether it is the innovation we have seen, like the world’s first drone delivery of chemotherapy medication or the improvement in stroke services, partnership working plays a vital role.

Celebrating success is an important part of the culture at Isle of Wight NHS Trust. Watch the video to see some of the wonderful people we celebrated in 2022-2023.


Our Partnerships

Dr Michele Legg, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Dr Michele Legg


We have a long and proud history of working in partnership on the island and I am delighted to see the progress that is being made.

The priority is and must always be doing what is right for the people on the Isle of Wight.

That is why it is so important that Isle of Wight NHS Trust works so closely and constructively with partners on the island as well as across the Solent.

Through the Integrated Health and Care Partnership (IHCP) we will bring providers of services together and make sure that the services being provided meet the needs of the local community.

It is so positive to see the benefits of partnerships on the island for the people of the island.


Admission avoidance through community transformation

The statistics are clear. Staying in hospital for longer than you need to is bad for your health.

In this presentation, Emma Pugh, Deputy Director of Hospital Discharge and Onward Capacity, talked through the work being done to support people at home or in the community.

She explained how services increasingly respond to the needs of the individual rather than the healthcare organisations providing the services.

Staff from Isle of Wight NHS Trust community services outside St Mary’s Hospital


Working together to improve stroke services

As part of the partnership with Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust (PHU), stroke services on the island and in Portsmouth have been working closely together.

In this presentation, Sarah Gladdish, Deputy Medical Director, explored how the teams have worked together. She discussed the impact that the work has had including improving standards and outcomes for islanders.

Some of the achievements as a result of partnership working in stroke services


Our People

Another of the four strategic priorities for Isle of Wight NHS Trust is Our People.

We want to make our Trust a great place to work. We believe that effective engagement with the people we work with and serve will improve services, improve patient experience and attract and retain staff.

The NHS is powered by people and without them our services would simply grind to a halt. It has and continues to be an integral part of our strategy to support our people to get the most out of their time at work and in turn provide the best possible services to our community.

There is much said and written about the challenges that the NHS faces in recruiting and retaining the workforce it needs for today and for the future.

There are no simple solutions. But if we invest in our people, create positive team environments and culture, they will do the rest.

Maternity services is a fantastic example of how fostering that positive team culture leads to better services for our community.

And one of our areas of focus is supporting and retaining our existing workforce, the people here today. But we also have to look to the future and the people we will need tomorrow.

We have been busy helping youngsters to find meaningful careers in the NHS, something that is so important to us as a healthcare provider but also something that we hope will be hugely beneficial to the island community. Where we know that many young people leave to seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

Juliet Pearce, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)

Juliet Pearce, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)

Delivering better maternity services

In 2022 our Maternity Service was inspected and rated Good by the Care Quality Commission.

They were also deemed ‘better than expected’ following a national survey of new parents.

This presentation, from Anne Pennells, Head of Midwifery, explores how supporting our people, engaging with service users and building a positive culture improves service quality.

Colleagues celebrating a Good rating from the Care Quality Commission


Growing our own

A pilot programme run by Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s community services division has been supporting young people into NHS careers.

In this presentation colleagues discuss the benefits of the programme and show what a difference it makes to the young people and NHS teams involved.

Our Place

Isle of Wight NHS Trust has worked hard to secure once-in-a-generation capital investment for NHS services.

In 2022-2023 it invested £31m building on the £13m invested the year before. In a normal year the usual level of capital investment is around £5m.

Our AGM heard from colleagues in Estates and our Digital team about the exciting work being done to improve the island’s NHS as a result of this investment.

One of the 4Ps in our strategy is Place. And in simple terms that is the buildings, environment, IT and technology that supports the services we provide.

The last year has seen huge progress in delivering some ambitious programmes of work to improve NHS buildings and IT on the island.

Some of this investment is obvious – you can see the building work when you approach St Mary’s Hospital.

But some of it happens away from staff and the public. It is the infrastructure that connects people, services and powers so much of the work our teams do each and every day.

Steve Parker, Medical Director

Steve Parker, Medical Director


Transforming our Estate

In this presentation Rob Graham, Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities, described the huge amount of work being done to improve our buildings and how we plan to deliver record levels of investment in the year ahead.

Looking ahead

Estates timeline.PNG


Our digital transformation journey

Tens of millions of pounds have been secured for the Isle of Wight’s NHS to transform its use of IT and technology.

In this presentation, Rebecca Lester, Interim Chief Digital Information Officer, talked about the progress we are making in joining up healthcare using technology.