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Working with town and parish councils

To help us improve the way we communicate, engage and consult with our local community on health and care developments, we have been working with three town and parish councils; Ryde (North-East), Freshwater (West & Central) and Ventnor (South Wight) as lead councils for their locality areas. Town and parish councils operate at the heart of their local communities and provide a crucial point of connection and source of local information and dialogue about and with those communities.

With funding from NHS England, they have coordinated and led community partners’ feedback, including other town and parish councils across the locality, to ensure a two way dialogue with the community about health and care issues. They also help improve understanding across all town and parish councils of the My Life a Full Life care model and work alongside the voluntary sector to help find ways for people to find out how to access self-care support and community health and wellbeing services.