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Postgraduate doctors in training

St Mary’s offers a great mix of clinical experience and a strong culture to support education, which like those before you, we hope you will benefit from, and enjoy. Please make full use of the Education Centre, it is your resource and houses a very supportive team of professionals who are always happy to help. There is also an extensive library and clinical training rooms to aid your professional development.

We greatly value the hard work and dedication of all our training doctors. You are an important part of our staff and we want to hear of your experiences during your time at the Isle of Wight. As such please find the time to attend our Postgraduate Doctor Forums and feedback to the Local Faculty Group meetings. This will allow us to continue improving our quality standards.

Medical Education will provide an induction for all trainee doctors that are new to the Isle of Wight Trust. As well as being here to support your education, training and professional development, we are also available to offer careers advice and more general support as required.

As part of your training support, you will be allocated an Educational Supervisor for the period of your employment at the trust. They will oversee your training to ensure you are making the necessary progress. You should meet with your Educational Supervisor as soon as possible to develop and agree a learning agreement, and arrange regular meetings documented in your eportfolio throughout the course of your time here.

You will also have a Clinical Supervisor for each rotation you have at St Marys Hospital.