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End of life care

We have been working with Mountbatten on the Island to use their expertise to provide training in end of life care to staff working across the Isle of Wight healthcare system. The two courses covered both end of life care and end of life and dementia training to help address gaps in staff knowledge and give them the confidence to support people who are approaching the end of their life appropriately. The training, which has been widely appreciated and welcomed by staff across the system, has been attended by around 250+ staff from organisations like residential care and nursing homes, social workers, domiciliary care agencies, nursing staff and college trainers. Further training is now planned until March 2019.

Mountbatten Coordination Centre

The Mountbatten Coordination Centre is a service for you, if you live on the Isle of Wight and

  • are living with any illness which may be life-threatening and may limit life expectancy to the next five years, or less
  • are an older person living with increasing frailty

The care and support provided at the centre focuses on comfort and quality of life and takes into account all of your needs and wishes.  The centre is based at Mountbatten's Newport site, but reaches out to all parts of the Island. The staff work in partnership with other services which may be supporting you, such as General Practitioners (GPs), District Nurses, other Specialist Nurses and Social Workers.

You can access the service via a referral from your GP or other healthcare professional and someone from Mountbatten's expert team will then contact you to arrange an appointment.  They will then provide the following services depending on your needs

  • Initial and ongoing assessment of your needs by an expert Mountbatten professional
  • A full plan that is individual to you, where they will work with you and those close to you to express and record your wishes for the future
  • A telephone advice and support line 01983 533331, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for both you and those who are caring for you
  • Access to the Mountbatten Volunteer Service which may be able to provide a volunteer to visit you and support you at home
  • Access to activities in the John Cheverton Centre
  • A rapid response home visiting service for those who need urgent care and support

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