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Delivering care closer to home

One of the key aims of the My Life a Full Life new model of care is to transform the way that care is delivered in the community, enabling a wider range of support to be delivered locally, within, or closer to, people’s homes and ensuring that services work closely together to provide seamless care and support

This approach is essential to people’s wellbeing, as it will mean they only have to tell their ‘story’ once, care will be closer to home and wrapped around them, and provided by a wider range of services all working in a more coordinated way. It will mean they can make the most of the wide range of opportunities available on their doorstep to enable them to stay healthy, well and connected with their local community.

And for those people working in the community, it will mean access to shared information, improved understanding of the people they are working with, less duplication, and the ability to better use and enhance existing skillsets.