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Medical partnership working

Partnership working

Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, with the backdrop of a long history of working together, entered into an Acute Services Partnership in 2020 to address the clinical and financial sustainability of small and fragile hospital services on the Isle of Wight. Since its creation, the Partnership has delivered improvements in services on the Island including Stroke, Cardiology, and Urology. Bringing the two organisations closer together will mean they can better respond to the challenges facing the NHS and the changing needs of the people they serve.

Both Boards recognise that working together provides the best opportunity to achieve this. 

We are working together to develop formal partnerships and as part of these developments it is envisaged that rotational job opportunities will become available in the near future, further enhancing leadership and other areas of career development.

There are close links with both Portsmouth and Southampton Universities and successful applicants are encouraged to involve themselves with all aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate medical training. Honorary Senior Lectureships are available and encouraged.

All partners are ambitious for the Isle of Wight and want to ensure that Islanders, as well as those visiting the Island, receive the best possible care and health outcomes.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System

The central and evolving role of the Integrated Care System (ICS) has been to support the local place-based plans to achieve the changes that local people and local clinicians have told us they want.

The plan does not replace or slow down local transformation programmes. Instead, organisations have come together to do the things that can only be achieved by working in partnership. We have learned a great deal from working with and listening to local people over the past few years and this plan is rooted in these local discussions. Working together also allows us to better share best practice and ensure we are coordinated when we make local changes.

The challenges we face are not unique to our area. In fact, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight was one of 44 areas across England that were developing detailed local transformation and sustainability plans (STPs) to find ways of solving them. This work is now being taken forward by the ICS alongside island place-based plans for an Integrated Care Partnership with local authority.