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Medical education, training, and research

Isle of Wight NHS Trust is a research active trust with a small R&D Department who work with NIHR/CRN Wessex in promoting, supporting and undertaking research activity.

The Care Group Director will have a key role in promoting and supporting appropriate research with the clinicians in their directorates, ensuring that there is leadership for research and development in the services and that clinical practice is evidence-based and effective.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is committed to the development and training of all employees.

Based in the Education Centre; the Learning and Development, Clinical Education, Leadership Development and Library & Knowledge Services teams work together to support staff in their job roles and career progression.

We provide and co-ordinate internal and external training, for clinical and non-clinical staff, facilitate team and personal development and provide 24/7 library access to knowledge resources.

The Academic Skills suite offers a dedicated area for health care professionals to develop necessary skills.

Resources available within the Academic Skills Suite include a simulation manikin, Virtual Reality Simulation equipment along with a laparoscopic trainer.

"Simulation is a technique, not a technology, to replace or amplify real experiences with guided experiences that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner (D.Gaba, 2004). It has a very important place in adult learning by creating real life experience, reflection and conceptualisation (Kolb, 1976). It is the most useful tool for training of softer skills (non-technical skills, human factors). ‘Human Factors in Healthcare’ Concordat from NHS England (2013) and ‘Improving Safety through Education and Training report’ (2016) from Health Education England strongly recommend use of simulation based training to improve patient safety."