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Our care model: My Life a Full Life

My Life a Full Life is a new way of working across our health and care system – our new care model - on the Isle of Wight, that will enable us to manage our current and future challenges ensuring safe, sustainable, quality care and health improvements for all. A system in which health and care services will work together in a more coordinated, effective and efficient way, delivering more care at home and in the local community, to enable people to manage their health more easily and live their lives to the full.

Our care model puts people right at the centre, enabling them to make informed decisions and take control over their health, wellbeing and care.

It makes the most of more immediate sources of support available around them; starting with things that they are able to do themselves to have more control over their health and wellbeing, the support they can tap into from family or friends or within their local neighbourhood/community.

It means that people will need to rely much less on statutory services like GPs, social services, hospital care but that, when they need them, they have easier, more coordinated access to those services, with everyone working together to provide support.