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Our aims

We are committed to making a huge difference to people’s health and care on the Island, ensuring safe, sustainable, quality care and health improvements for all.

With this in mind, our aims are very clear:

  • Preventing ill health. Provide our residents with information, advice and support to enable them to make the right choices about their lifestyles to help them stay healthy and prevent them from becoming ill in the first place.
  • Co-ordinated care. Bring all the different health services together so everyone works as a team to support our residents to stay in control over their own health and care. We will share best practice and information better so they will no longer have to constantly repeat their situation to different services.
  • Improved access. Make available the right support at the right time and place, and from the most appropriate service. Bring support closer to home, and even in the home where appropriate, making trips to hospital only when absolutely necessary and only travelling further afield for more specialist help or emergency treatment.
  • Better Quality services. Provide the very best level of health and care services we can within the funds we have available.

By working together, we can achieve much more than would be possible working independently. As a result, people will be able to take more control of their lives and plan for their future health and social care needs.