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Our priorities

Health and social care on the Island need to change and improvements need to happen quickly.

We have undertaken detailed analysis of the current health and care service provision on the Island.

Based on that analysis, our priorities are:

  • investing in community services
  • improving mental health services
  • improving acute (hospital) services, and
  • making sure health and social care are as well-run, productive and financially sustainable as possible.

The first year of our plan is already set out in the operating plans of the Trust, council and CCG. We will keep you up to date with progress.

Supporting return to home will involve improving how we work together to discharge people from hospital as soon as they are ready to leave, reducing the length of time people stay. This is better for patients and will significantly reduce the amount of money being spent on unnecessary hospital care.

To make sure that the health and care system can work more effectively for the benefit of local people, we will bring our organisations closer together and create an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

It will take decisions about how health and care services are commissioned and provided on the Island. We expect the ICP to be running in shadow form by April 2020.

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