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Working with care homes and technology

On the Island we have piloted the use of technology enabled care to monitor biometric health data and risk indicators (e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose levels etc) across residents in two nursing homes and two residential homes (a total of 111 beds). The data improves health monitoring and the ability to share information with GPs, community nurses and ambulance crews. As a result of the pilot:

  • Positive patient feedback
  • Professionals were able to gain rapid access to patient data for faster assessment
  • Residents' families felt better supported due to increased monitoring
  • Unnecessary GP visits were avoided as data could be remotely monitored
  • 24% reduction in calls to 111/visits to A&E
  • 24% reduction in emergency admissions
  • Care home staff developed new skills and were able to offer improved support to residents

The pilot has now been extended to a further nine homes, predominantly in the West Wight area, totalling 13 homes (over 400 beds).

Watch this short video to hear more about the effectiveness of using technology in care homes here