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Local support

Another useful support online is ‘Isle Find It - a community directory focussed entirely on services available on the Island, it provides details of just about everything and anything: from emergency services to leisure activities, courses and local events. It also directs to key support providers such as Care Navigators and Local Area Coordinators (see Live well and Age Well) and is a particularly useful site for our older Island residents to better understand the services available to them locally. Click on the words Isle Find it to go directly to the website.

‘Rally Round’ is a free and secure online tool that allows family members, friends and carers to organise a support network for someone they care about to enable them to continue their daily lives with minimal disruption that illness, injury or disability may cause. It has a shared ‘to do’ list with email and text notifications, and an online noticeboard where those in their support network can post important information such as doctor’s contact details or regular prescriptions. In this way local friends and family can rally round and enable them to get to appointments or social activities, or get their shopping done. The regular interaction with others and keeping control of their lives helps them to be more involved in their community and less isolated. It also helps to share the load of caring among a number of individuals rather than one specific carer. Click on the words Rally Round to go directly to the website.