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Careers within the NHS

Career Clinics

We are pleased to be offering Career Clinics to those looking for information regarding careers here at the Isle of Wight NHS.

This Career Clinic will provide the opportunity to receive information, advice and guidance to those individuals who are interested in careers, within both clinical and non-clinical roles, in the NHS, specifically here at the Isle of Wight Trust.

Skilled NHS professionals will facilitate supportive career conversations, focusing on the different roles available within the NHS, tips on best practice when completing an application form, how to gain experience and preparing for an interview. Providing the opportunity for those individuals looking for guidance, to develop their understanding on how to start their career pathway.

The Clinics will be ran quarterly and can be booked through Eventbrite on the following links

25 August 2022 Career Clinic

21 November 2022 Career Clinic

22 February 2023 Career Clinic

Further Career Information

Are you interested in a career within Pharmacy as an Assistant, Technician or Pharmacist? If so take a look at the following link

Pharmacy | Health Careers

If you have any further question please contact us on http://iownt.careers-work.experience@nhs.net